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Maternity | Still Music: Santa Cruz Wedding Photography

2015 started off with a bang. Like, Amanda’s giant belly on her precious petite frame was like BANG! We got to head to the beach with this wonderful couple to snap pictures of them pre-baby. With the chilly January weather of ~75 degrees, it wasn’t really feeling like winter. It was already feeling like warm wedding season!

Amanda was rocking pregnancy. You have to admit it, right? These two went to Texas A&M so we had to include an adorable A&M onesie in this shoot. And of course they brought a plethora of blocks for all types of spelling possibilities. They’re seriously the sweetest people ever. In all honesty, being in front of the camera can feel very awkward. Doing a maternity shoot when you’re 8 months pregnant isn’t exactly any less awkward, but these two were so much fun and just went with the flow. We were all laughing pretty much the whole time.

What better way to start the new year with an amazing couple and a fun shoot, all representing new life and new beginnings? It’s wonderful. We are so excited to meet our new friend. Having this shoot was an encouraging push into our upcoming season. It makes us excited for our upcoming engagement sessions and our upcoming weddings.

And of course this post is inspired by the birth of our new friend, June! She was born just last night and is, as mom says, “6 lbs, 15 oz of perfection!” Congrats to this wonderful family, we hope for a healthy and happy 2015.

We’re looking forward to more family shoots, more portrait shoots and more maternity shoots so if you’re interested please contact us.

Maternity | Still Music: Santa Cruz Wedding Photography

Recap: The good and the ugly of 2014

Almost four years ago, Erin and I moved from Portland to Santa Cruz so she could go to grad school in San Jose. After several years of shooting weddings part time, I finally decided to take a chance and dive full time into weddings. That meant that I’d have to support myself, my wife and my fat and ever-hungry cat. In an incredibly expensive city. Luckily it was a dive that Erin was willing to take, despite her fears of deep and dark water. The pressure was on.

Our first full time season was amazing. Our second full time season was insane. With help and direction from my friends and mentors at One Love Photography, I had started down a path that was actually providing for this little team we had stationed in a tiny 2 bed apartment in Santa Cruz. And they had convinced me to convince Erin to pick up a camera and come with!

By our third full time season back in California ended, we had gone through a lot of changes and ups and downs. Within the company and also in our personal lives. Looking back on our 2014 weddings, I feel proud of who are couples are and the work we did for them. We’ve come a long way and learned so much. We’ve met lovely people and been honored to celebrate with them on their most intimate days starting their new lives.

With Erin finishing up school, working in a different field and not shooting as much, Still Music does look different. Amelia has been a huge addition and now our future is evolving into a new and more interesting picture. We have already met so many awesome people and talked about their 2015 weddings, and we can’t wait to meet more. We’re optimistic, we’re hopeful and still just as nervous and overwhelmed as that first season!

Overall, 2014 remains a gloomy and dark year upon reflection. It started bittersweet, with a beautiful winter wedding and a concurrent accident that eventually took the lower leg of my best friend’s father. We celebrated the first birthday of our closest friends’ baby, Rowan, who they lost at birth. It was a heavy day on his would-be birthday and we miss him so much. We often dream of what our lives would look like with him running around with his older brother Aiden, who we consider a godson. We went another year without grandparents, and August 10th brought the 6th anniversary of my dad’s best friend and our “Uncle” Denny’s sudden death. And in an ironic, sickening conclusion to an already intense year, December brought own mother’s suicide after her brave battle against depression and anxiety. It’s hard now to feel. It’s hard to breathe and it’s hard to care. I feel like someone has heartlessly opened and emptied me of all hope, all motivation and all vibrance. Continuing life in the way that everyone is forced to do after tragedy drives me toward loneliness and apathy. Still, I know we’re not alone in our pain – several of our clients experienced huge tragedy in 2014 also, having also lost parents unexpectedly.

Despite all this, having Still Music and looking forward to another eventful wedding season keeps me grounded. Through the cloudy emptiness, I’d like to think that somewhere I have practical, significant hopes for this coming season. Being a better person, being a better servant. Serving our clients above and beyond, the way they deserve. Placing more value on our connections and relationships, and appreciating them more.

So I went through our 2014 weddings and just stuck to one image per wedding and engagement for this feature. It was really hard but I did it. I wanted to feature some more work that we haven’t featured yet so I hope you enjoy our tiny little recap of our enormous year. Additionally, I have to include one of my favorite pictures of my beautiful wife Erin that I took this year. Also I want to include an image to honor Rowan, of the night we went to the bluffs to release a balloon on his first birthday. And of course I want to cap it off with a favorite picture to honor my mom. Thanks to everyone; the vendors and the venues, our clients who were all so fun and generous, and my lovely wife Erin for staying by my side through a wild couple of years.

Thanks for reading, thanks for your support, thanks for your love, and thanks for your prayers.















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