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Your life is about to be flipped, turned upside down! I'm stoked for you, and I'm honored you're interested in Still Music. I'm Jeremy and we should rock out. I slap a mean air bass, can freestyle rap really badly, and only talk baby talk to my cat when I'm alone. I have a disturbingly large Adam's apple. Consider me your go-to for bobby pins, Tide sticks, The Office quotes, and Fresh Prince lyrics.

I always tell couples "I've seen the best and I've seen the worst." Let's make your day the BEST. Consider me game to cover every detail and moment of your wedding—but you get more than just comprehensive coverage. Utilize me as a resource: referrals, lighting advice, timeline recommendations... I know what makes a day go smoothly.

And if your day goes smoothly, you're happy, I shoot and then your images turn out awesome.

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