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we like pets

This is all about Erin and Jeremy... husband and wife, lovers of vegan food and cat videos, and founders of Still Music. He likes mountain bikes and hip hop. She likes girl time and Ellen. He photographys and she social works. Together they can quote most of The Office and make a mean kitty sandwich with their gato Tony.

Still Music works with clients to make their wedding day as stress-free as possible. You'll get help developing a “day-of” timeline as well as a list of family groups so portraits go smoothly. Consider Still Music prepared for anything whether it be extra bobby pins for the flower girl’s hair or a last-minute officiant (Jeremy is ordained).

As Erin transitions into her career as a Social Worker, Jeremy takes the lead and Erin takes on new roles in the company. We’re excited to expand our talented pool of associates as we reach out to new talent for 2nd shooting.

Photo: Karen Obrist

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