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Kendra and Elijah

Meet Kendra and Elijah

Kendra and Elijah are Santa Cruz wedding videographers recently added to the Still Music team. After joining, the coolness level of the company skyrocketed. They are cute and precious and maybe too awesome to be friends with us. One time Erin said "They're like a cooler, younger version of us." I wish.

Kendra studied film and is on her way to her first Oscar nomination. She explains "I have always had a fascination with the medium of filmmaking; how it can transport you to another time and place within seconds." You can find out more about her and her work on her site. Elijah works on VWs while finishing school, and lives with Kendra in a tiny house. They are so cool they were featured on Cosmo. We hope that these two teach us everything about being amazing and lead the company onto the New York stock exchange.

Kendra + Elijah | Santa Cruz Wedding Videographers

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