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Santa Cruz Wedding Photographer | Wilder Ranch Family Shoot

Wilder Ranch: Bischt Family Photos

I have a talent of befriending little kids pretty quickly. It’s not a very useful talent. It doesn’t come in super handy a lot. But sometimes it pays. Thankfully, Jeff and Becca’s kids are pretty awesome to begin with so most people would get along with them easily. Yesterday was awesome, despite the gloomy evening. We pushed this shoot back 2 weeks, waiting and waiting for the sun to come. Finally, yesterday we had a beautiful sunny day! And of course, right when we get out to Wilder Ranch, the sun sinks behind the clouds. No matter – there was tons of color everywhere, leaves, sticks, babies, cats, goats, Spidermans… the adventures went on for a while.

Haley (great name – my sis’ name) was such a girly girl, it was awesome. She was even hesitant to sit in the soggy grass. This was the first time I’ve heard a kid worried about getting their clothes dirty. She had good reason tho, cuz she looked like a princess in her little dress.

Levi was such a boy. Also awesome. He provided the sticks and Spidermans. When I gave him responsibility of watching my camera, he got some great shots of me. Also he has great hair.

Noah was such a baby. He’s awesome too – his tiny baby jeans were legit. He looked so concerned, very adorable. Everyone tried to get him to smile the whole time.

If you’ve never been to Wilder Ranch State Park, it’s beautiful. You can hike up into the hills overlooking the ocean, or explore the farm and barns where we were. There are horses, goats, cats, old cars, tractors – it’s a historic monument/playground of oldness. It’s usually crowded with photographers and families because it’s so beautiful everywhere you look, but we really lucked out this Saturday and basically had the place to ourselves. Visit Wilder Ranch, you’ll see.

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