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Santa Cruz Wedding Photographer | Capitola Engagement Pictures Session

Santa Cruz Wedding Photographer | Capitola Engagement Pictures

We are the lucky Santa Cruz wedding photographers that Melissa and Justin chose to join them on their wedding day. Bless their hearts. We’re so lucky. These two love Santa Cruz. So much in fact that Justin chose the beautiful beaches of Capitola to ask his Melissa to be his wife. We’re very glad he did because now we get to shoot their wedding this summer! These two live in the East Bay and are tying the knot at Wente Vineyards this summer. We got to spend an afternoon with them at a few of their favorite places in Santa Cruz. We started out in beautiful Capitola (obviously special for them!). We watched the surfers for a bit and warmed them up to the giant cameras that would be in front of their beautiful faces for the next couple hours. We wandered under a bridge and had to go to the pier, obviously. They tested out the water and verified that it was indeed very cold.

Later that evening, we had to stop by our to see our peeps at Verve Coffee Roasters and grab a drink. No brainer. Then we walked Pacific Avenue downtown and navigated the crowded streets of clowns, street performers, crazies and lovelies. Our destination: Streetlight Records. The folks there were so kind to us and really excited to have us there doing something fun and unique! Justin pondered buying a Rush album. One employee left us laughing when she approached us and said this:

“Excuse me….
I work here………….
and we think that what you’re doing…………………………………….

is really awesome.”

It was so funny the way it came out cuz we thought we were in trouble and were ready to let her know we were VIP. Turned out she just wanted to take pictures of us taking pictures! We’re so excited about how the engagement pictures turned out! We loved hanging out with this sweet, down to earth couple. Can’t wait for the wedding!

~ love, your Santa Cruz wedding photographers

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