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Amy + Drew | Prospect 772 Wedding | Murphys Wedding Venue | Sonora Photographer

We all had an amazing day at Amy and Drew’s Prospect 772 wedding in Murphys, CA. As a Tuolumne Country wedding photographer, I get to work in Calaveras County a good amount. And let me say I’ve never been to a lame Murphys wedding venue. Therefore this venue was an exciting new location for me. So neither the venue or the celebration were a let down.

First of all, I grew up with the Clinite family, and their wedding day was like a big reunion. As a result, I thoroughly enjoy shooting at weddings with old friends surrounding me. Under beautiful oak trees Amy and Drew said their vows. Everything was perfect. My job was really easy because everyone was feeling so happy and joyful. Watching the mother and son dance was maybe the most emotional I’ve been at a wedding. Made me miss my Mom a lot. That was probably the best part. And also riding the ATV all over the property.

Having been raised in Gold Country, I feel really lucky to get to serve such amazing venues in the area. Prospect 772 is one of dozens of wineries in Calaveras County, just ~45 minutes from where I grew up. You’ll find the venue located in between the quaint little towns Murphys and Angels Camp. Go to there and you’ll see.

bridal party in teal green blue bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen in their grey suit vests pose in front of vintage rustic house barn at a prospect 772 wedding winery murphys wedding venue in angels camp cahappy couple bride and groom newlyweds hold each other and smile for the canon camera at their prospect 772 wedding in angels camp murphys cablack and white image of bridesmaid maid of honor toasting at the reception of the newlyweds prospect 772 wedding in angels camp murphys cabride and groom newlyweds hug and hold each other in the vineyards at a colorful sunset at their prospect 772 wedding in murphys angels camp ca

Amy + Drew | Prospect 772 Wedding | Prospect Winery | Murphys Wedding Venue | Angels Camp Wedding Venue | Tuolumne Wedding Photographer
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