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You were right

Jeremy! The photos are absolutely gorgeous!! I don't know how I'll choose favorites without hearting every single one... But I will say that of course you were right, I'm very grateful we'll be getting a photo album from you.


Fucking banger job

I got these while we were in Seattle, looked at them 100 times, and then wanted to wait until we got home to reply. They are beautiful, and we couldn't be more happy!! I'm going to go ahead and quote Sonny on this one: "they did a fucking banger job!!" So...yeah.. Hahaha! But in all truthfulness, we couldn't have asked for a more perfect day with you guys, and I'm happy to say we made some new friends. And we'd love to have you guys come visit Chicago! Thank you a million times over! I'm sad it's over! :(

Thank you!

Anthony and I have finally had a chance to sit down and go through the images from the wedding, and I just have to say that we LOVE them! Looking through them brought back so many happy memories and we have gotten tons of compliments from friends/family that we've shared them with—so thank you!

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