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Jen + Alex | Chinese Tea Ceremony Wedding | Oakland Wedding Photographer

Jen and Alex’s tea ceremony wedding couldn’t have been more intimate and wonderful. This special day was the followup to their precious little home wedding in Oakland. They knew they had to have a big reception and invite everyone. This day included the tea ceremony and a huge party at Asian Pearl restaurant. I loved being surrounded by all the culture of Jen’s Chinese families and Alex’s Vietnamese families. Thanks to the help of pro John Bosely, we were able to capture this day exactly how they wanted.

From Jen:

We LOVE eating, sleeping, drawing, reading, anything basically that doesn’t involve fast reflexes or some kind of physical strength/flexibility/balance 🙂

The day started separated with lots of food prep and dress prep on both sides. Jen went with the traditional Chinese ceremony dress which was stunning. Alex and his family came to the bride’s family’s house for the great bride reveal. The caravan went back to Alex’s family’s house and the hosts initiated the tea ceremony. Worlds collided and everyone was merry. A million cute babies and a million cute grandmas. Celebrations continued at the restaurant where a photo booth was used and cake was shared. We couldn’t have enjoyed ourselves more, and we wish all the best to the happy couple.

beautiful chinese bride in traditional wedding tea ceremony gown vibrant red smiles for the canon camera amongst the green trees at their home wedding in oakland fremont california bay area wedding photographerhappy bride and groom smile for the camera holding her beautiful floral bouquet in her traditional red chinese wedding gown tea ceremony with her handsome vietnamese groom in his black tux at their home wedding in oakland fremont california bay area wedding photographer

Jen + Alex | Chinese Tea Ceremony Wedding | Fremont Wedding Photographer | Bay Area Wedding Photography

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