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Compass Rose Gardens Wedding, Bodega Bay | Ashley and Craig Bodega Bay Wedding | Still Music: Santa Cruz Wedding Photographers

Ashley and Craig’s Compass Rose Gardens wedding didn’t go down without a glitch. But it did go down in history as one of our favorite and most beautiful weddings. Ashley and Craig woke up on their wedding day to a full on power outage throughout the neighborhood that most of the family was staying. The bride and her bridesmaids had to find power at the local club. In the tiny bathroom. This is where they had hair and makeup done. They were utter troopers, especially considering how well they handled it. Most people would have lost it, but not these guys.

You might remember Ash and Craig from their e-sesh in Berkeley. To say the least, they are down to earth. Their wedding day was gorgeous. They picked the perfect venue, added the perfect touches and invited the perfect people. Compass Rose Gardens is a very special venue in Bodega Bay. It’s a lush garden setting with a creek and beautiful flowers and trees all over. There are bridges and a tiny rustic bridal suite, which we were all crammed into. It’s sheltered from the cold and blustering winds of Bodega Bay. But on their wedding day, Ashley and Craig enjoyed perfectly sunny weather. After their ceremony, which Craig’s mentor and friend performed, we took the bridal party out to the harbor to take pictures of them and their colorful dresses and matching socks. The reception was decorated with books and wood and everyone toasted with Oreos and milk/Kahlua because that’s Craig’s favorite.

Craig is now back in Saudia Arabia where he works, so things are somewhat back to normal. Shooting these two was really easy since they don’t get to spend much time together. But they just bought a house in California so they’re pretty excited for the next stages of their lives. We can’t thank them enough for inviting us to such an amazing day. It was an honor to celebrate with them!

a happy groom kisses his laughing bride on her head surrounded by old boats in bodega bay harbor at the compass rose gardens

Also, watch Ashley and Craig’s Compass Rose Gardens wedding day video created by Haley Hohengarten below!

Craig and Ashley | Bodega Bay, CA from Haley Hohengarten on Vimeo.

Compass Rose Gardens Wedding, Bodega Bay | Ashley and Craig | Still Music: Santa Cruz Wedding Photographers


Video: Haley Hohengarten

Hair: Choppers Hair Salon

Music: AMS Entertainment

Suits: Nordstrom

Flowers: Neve Brothers and Vanda Floral

Desserts: Sweet Expectations

Coordinator: Elsa Vera

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