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Tiffany & Adam | Columbia Nursery Wedding | Still Music: Sonora Wedding Photographer

Tiffany and Adam’s Columbia Nursery wedding was perfection. And they had a crazy planning process. It made the final result even more impressive.

Tiffany and Adam were always planning on getting married at a Columbia wedding venue. But weeks before their big day, things fell apart with their initial venue. They scrambled to find a spot and were lucky to be taken in by the owners of Columbia Nursery & Florist. Superwoman (and now SuperMOM) Brooke, good friend of Tiffany, helped put together an incredible day for these two. All while pregnant. When Tiffany and Adam exchanged vows, Brooke was 1 day overdue. So yeah, huge effort by some amazing people.

This Sonora wedding venue was picture perfect. There haven’t been many weddings here so it’s a prized gem. It felt like the perfect Pinterest-worthy backyard wedding. The amount of effort and thought that went into the details paid off. I was thoroughly impressed. I love Sonora weddings because it’s kind of a reunion of old friends and acquaintances. There are a lot of flannels and jeans and huge beards and huge mustaches at Sonora weddings. So naturally, there was a lot of beer and high fives and singing and hugs at Tiffany and Adam’s Columbia Nursery wedding. It was a blast. I feel very lucky to be a part of such a great and wild community.

Thanks to everyone who made the day so easy and fun. Everyone was welcoming and warm. All the best to this awesome couple.

Tiffany & Adam | Columbia Nursery Wedding | Still Music: Sonora Wedding Photographer
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