San Diego Wedding Photographer: Bernardo Winery Wedding for Eric Turner Photography

Bernardo Winery Ranch | Kristen and Jon’s Bernardo Winery Wedding!!

I took a trip to San Diego to meet my best buddy ever Eric Turner at Eric Turner Photography. We shot a gorgeous ranch wedding for the beautiful Kristen and Jon Smith. Too beautiful, it hurts so good. We had an awesome time and it was a beautiful day and venue. The love poured into the details was admirable. The cowgirl cake topper was great and the tables looked perfect. The venue was so fun, there was too much to shoot! It was held at a place called Bernardo Winery, and the grounds were a photographer’s playground! Think rustic farm with old tools and buildings everywhere; it was overwhelming! The barn below was picture-perfect! We loved Bernardo Winery Ranch! We want to come back and shoot another Bernardo Winery wedding! Please!

San Diego Wedding Photographer: Eric Turner Photography
Assistant: San Diego Wedding Photographer Still Music
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